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Is your business ready to return to the office?

RN Breakfast's Hamish McDonald interviews Kate Hillman, the global head of Human Resources for EY about the challenges in getting their workforce back to a COVID-19 safe office.

Many are enjoying the brief commute from the bedroom to the dining room each morning as they reach to tap the Zoom icon on their PCs.

But if you're one of those who are less enthralled by seeing and being seen in your lounge room or dining room with your books, pets and children smattered in the background and are longing to head back to the office, can you really even safely work there.

It seems there is much to do to make our office spaces safe and ready for us to huddle around the water cooler again. From extra cleaning supplies, figuring out how to get us all up in the lifts in staggered timings to quickly sorting out the new seating arrangements, given the days of the hot desk are now going to be a distant memory, for a while at least! I sure some of you will be hoping #forever.

Kate Hillman, head of people at EY globally outlines some challenges organisations are likely to face in the weeks and months ahead if we are to safely moth ball our pjs and dressing gowns in favour of business wear and good shoes once more.


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